Drywall Repair serviceS in Knoxville TN

Effective Drywall Repair Services in Knoxville TN

A simple plaster or drywall spot can be dangerous for your health without proper training and equipment – and unsustainable for your construction. We are the #1 choice for drywall repair services in Knoxville TN because we put our customers first.

However, you won’t have to pick up any tools yourself when you call Tim’s Custom Knoxville painters! Our experts can offer you a seamless fix for your unpleasant walls with unparalleled expertise and save both money and stress in the process.

Professional Drywall Repair Services in Knoxville TX

Sometimes life may get chaotic, and your walls may begin to look a bit worn down. Tim’s Custom Painting’s skilled professionals are ready to smooth over any rough patches and return your walls to normal, from missing plaster chunks to damaged drywall!

Whether it’s a hole in the wall, cracked ceiling, or wet spot on drywall, Tim’s Custom Painting is fully qualified to help you fix or replace any drywall problems you have. Our experienced pros can help Knoxville residents breathe a little easier by providing expert plaster & drywall repair services in Knoxville TN.

Repairing Holes 

When a hole in drywall needed to be repaired, a home improvement contractor would first try to square the hole before installing wooden braces to support a new drywall square. Fortunately, they have created aluminum pads that can go right through the hole without squaring it.

Repairing Nail and Screw Holes 

The most common drywall repair is to fill old nail holes or screw holes with wall mountings or pictures. An additional repair is when vibrations cause them to lose from screws and nails. We have the tools, training, and industry knowledge to provide expert plaster & drywall repair services.

Why We are a Top Choice

  • Licensed, expertly trained technicians
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