Waterproofing System 

If you notice wetness in your home and its basements, like leaks, humidity, or wet, musty smells, then it is time to hire some waterproofing services. We offer the best waterproofing services at the most affordable costs in the areas of Tennessee. A dry and healthy home ensures that your walls and foundations of the house will remain intact and gives protection to your valuable property. A sound waterproofing system also increases the house’s value, so consider that if you are selling or buying a home. We offer several waterproofing solutions varying based on your house’s structure and the cause of wetness. Our team of highly experienced professionals can thoroughly inspect and analyze which solution will be the best for your home.

We got you covered:

The tools we use and the machinery systems we install are top quality and the most reliable market products. Our waterproofing solutions are long-lasting and provide you secure water management systems, including exterior waterproofing systems, interior water management systems, drain management, pump systems, ventilation systems, and humidity reducing systems. Ensuring the air in your home is clean, and the moisture does not cause mold should be a priority for any homeowner. The owners at Tim’s Custom Painting value and cherish good health and would like their customers to enjoy a clean, safe, and healthy atmosphere in their homes.

Our Work:

We regularly train our waterproofing technicians and update them with the most advanced ways of keeping your homes dry. Typically, on a waterproofing job, our team first removes the water using various tools, some of which can be permanently installed to keep the water from entering or clogging. After that, we take care of the moisture from the air and ensure that the air is clean. Our employees are certified, insured, and licensed to perform the jobs that they are hired for. Call us for affordable and reliable waterproofing services.