Waterproofing Services in Knoxville TN

Skilled Waterproofing Services in Knoxville TN

Tim Custom Painting can assist you when you have leaks, flood difficulties, or flooding in your basement. We’ve been a leader in offering basement waterproofing services in Knoxville TN for years, and we’re a professional firm with the experience to make sure the job is done right. With in-depth water mitigation systems and a sump pump system, we use patented waterproofing solutions and supplies to assure the right protection of your basement.

We use these processes to address all aspects of water recovery, cracking, puddling, and concrete deterioration. Tim’s Custom Painting aims is to provide homeowners with one-time repairs to ensure their waterproofing problems are solved permanently. We ensure that our customers get efficient & reliable waterproofing services that too at a very affordable price.

Expert Waterproofing Service Knoxville TN

Tim’s Custom Painting uses the best products and systems to make basements dry and comfortable for homeowners, whether in Knoxville winters or during thawing and/or rainy seasons, year-round. We use the waterproofing systems in the basement to protect against any paths to the basement and foundation area.

Common Basement Waterproofing Problems

Water damage caused by an improperly constructed drainage system is one of the most common problems encountered in basements. It is critical to waterproof your basement as soon as possible to avoid losing possession of your property. If you take proactive measures, your basement will remain the ideal room for your Knoxville home. Count on Tim’s Custom Painting for on-time basement waterproofing services in Knoxville TN to enjoy peace of mind.

The most common leakage areas that you must know while inspecting the basement are:

  • Cove joint Leaks (where the wall touch the floor)
  • Basement window Well Leakage
  • Over the top of the foundation
  • Leaky Concrete Walls
  • Floor Crack Seepage
  • Floor Drain Backup