Exterior painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is essential for any building if done right. It can immediately renew the image of that particular building by increasing its beauty. At Tim’s Custom Painting, we use top-quality painting material to protect the structure from weather conditions naturally. Whether it’s a house or an office, an exterior painting job can increase that property’s value. Our exterior painting program contains multiple services, including power wash, house painting, garage painting, staining, and finishing. Our services are budget-friendly while at the same time, we take pride in doing a stable job.

We got you covered:

We are proud to say that we cover the areas of Friendsville TN, Knoxville, TN, Louisville, TN, Maryville TN, or Loudon. Whether you are looking to paint your house or try something new, Tim’s Custom Painting is available for you. Let our exterior painters transform your home or office building into a brand new place that will stand out in the neighborhood. Our professional exterior painters have extensive experience doing this work, which allows them to quickly and efficiently finish a paint job. We believe that no job is too small or too big, we do our work passionately and give you a worry-free experience.

Our work:

Simply put, our work is the work of professionals. We take responsibility for the full job, including keeping your lawn clean and tidy during and after the exterior paint job. The preparation part is extensive, and we first remove dirt and debris from the exterior. After that, we repair any broken or cracked areas. And finally, several coats of high-quality paint are applied. We care for our customers and will accurately estimate the paint requirements so that none of the resources go wasted. You will find our staff and our work to be exemplary and satisfactory.